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I’m with the band… October 22, 2014

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We all knew I rocked, but now it’s official!

Back in July I had the great fortune to hook up with a funky, vaudeville blues band called Bourgeois Bullet Wound. The band was established in Seattle before making the jump to New York and going through a line up change. But where, oh where were they going to find a female jazz/rock vocalist with gypsy fire and the brass of Mama Cass?


I have never been in a band before, though I have always wanted to, and I could not think of a more fitting band than this! We really focus on showmanship and giving the audience something entertaining to watch as well as listen to. Our eclectic musical stylings are heavily blues, rock, and jazz influenced, but we have a very distinct klezmer/gypsy focus due to our fantastic violist!

I sing backup vocals, crack wise, and dance. That’s right…dance. And don’t think I will be dancing alone 😉 You’ve been warned!

If you’re Googling the band right now you may find some stuff they’ve done but NOT with this line up. We go into the recording studio in November (yay!), but until then the ONLY way to hear us and get the full scope of our epicness is to catch one of our live shows!

We have two big shows this month and there is a chance for people on BOTH sides of the Hudson to see us live!

This Friday! – Brooklyn, NY
October 24th starting at 2
This is going to be an epic all day affair in Brooklyn featuring bands, live performances, drinks, and pumpkin carving. PUMPKIN.CARVING. We go on relatively early at 7:30 so there’ll be time to enjoy the show AND carouse with me afterwards!

More details on the Facebook event page. https://www.facebook.com/events/1492481807668850/permalink/1494190484164649/

November 1st – Clifton NJ
Clash Bar – Starting at 9pm
I am particularly excited for this show because I will be sharing the bill with Brynen Sosa and Mythology. That’s right, the super siblings are finally going to perform in the same place at the same time. This has NEVER happened. Maybe we’ll do a quick duet if we get enough props.

I’m personally selling tickets in advance for this one so contact me ASAP. If you come last minute make sure you tell the door man you’re there to see Bullet Wound & Mythology (because fambly)

Check out Clash Bar’s Facebook page for any updates!

Putting the rock in Rocktober,





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