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Steampunk and Scorsese – How to end a Spring season! July 8, 2014

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Is it getting hot in here or is it just the Earth tilting its axis closer to the sun? Ladies, am I right???



In my last update I mentioned the work I was doing with SteampunkGoggles.com which involved me being immersed in the world of Steampunk (Twist my arm!). We were contacted by NY Magazine about getting some shots featuring goggles for an article and figured why not make a day of it? Epic. Steampunk. Photoshoot. The focus of the shoot was Steampunk goggles as everyday-wear and as an essential part of Steampunk Cosplay. You can see the best shots here. If you ever have the chance to star in a Steampunk photoshoot – DO IT! I highly recommend it.


Special thanks to Andrea Mateus for being the wiz behind the camera! You can see her design work here.



 When not posing I had the privilege of helping to create a Steampunk-themed tabletop game! Galliant Games is a group of gamers who design and produce the games they’ve always wanted to play, and this game, Scrapyard Empire, has already exceeded its funding goal on Kickstarter. I wrote the backstory, advised on the aesthetics and game rules, and came up with a lot of the characters…So it was only right that one of them should be me!

(She’ll steal your heart! And your wallet!)

 I had invented a Steampunk character a few years back named Penny Valentine who was an orphan, a thief, and a mechanical genius, (The inspiration for the Steampunk Cosplay pictures above are actually an older version of that character).  She was perfect for this game so when it was art time I called dibs on being the model! The game itself is very fun and easy to learn but if you need any extra incentive to pick up a copy, you get me in the box!

It’s not HBO, It’s JFS

Back in April I was called in for a featured role on HBO’s Boardwalk Empire by the folks at Grant Wilfley casting. Even though I didn’t end up booking it I was still excited to be called in and meet the staff so I walked away feeling that was a win. Well, it looks like things are meant to be with me and “Papa Marty” after all because a few weeks later I was called in to do some speciality background work on his newest HBO pilot! The project is still untitled but centers around a record executive (Bobby Cannavale) trying to revive his failing label and find the next “new sound” as American music hit the most diverse era it would ever know; The 1970’s.

(My boss for a day!)

 Background work (even specialty) can be a very grueling and thankless job, but I am happy to say that this experience was about as far from that as possible! This is the most professional and well-managed set I’ve ever had the privilege to work on, and I have never felt more respected or treated more courteously. Also, Martin Scorsese is about the cutest thing I have ever seen!!!

There’s a euphoric feeling walking away from a job that was so amazing you would have done it for free. Because of an NDA I can’t discuss any details of the shoot, but I’ll be just as excited as you to see the whole thing!

Have a wonderful Pirate Season! (Also known in some calendars that aren’t mine as “Summer”)





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