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Chameleons in the Work Place September 10, 2013

Posted by Jenelle Sosa in Uncategorized.

Daniel Day Lewis said that he’s been so many people that if you shook him abruptly in the middle of the night and woke him up he had no idea what voice would come out of him when he screamed, “What are you doing???” That’s sort of par for the course when your job is to change on a daily (and sometimes hourly) basis.

Here are some of the people I’ve been recently!

– A burlesque performer at The New York School of Burlesque

– A Ghostbuster with the North Jersey Ghostbusters Charity Organization

– A scheming 16 year old growing up in the Summer of Sam in Tar Beach at Luna Stage

– An enthusiastic beach goer in ads for Casino Pier/Breakwater Beach, and Jenkinson’s Boardwalk

– A writer developing stories and characters for a potential novel

– A pirate (but that’s a given)

And I’ve already signed up to be a few more people this fall and into the winter.

The leaves stop changing but I never do!





1. Patrick Pizzolorusso - September 10, 2013

Who are you again?

Jenelle Sosa - September 10, 2013


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