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What I Did On My Summer Vacation August 30, 2012

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With Labor Day weekend almost here it’s a time to look back and reflect on summer. Some of you may have noticed I’ve been abnormally quiet both on this blog and in general and there’s a very good reason for that: I spent my summer actually HAVING a summer.

Actors don’t usually get holidays, especially stage actors. Ever see a show on New Year’s Day? Those actors are working! A show on the Fourth of July? Working! Christmas, Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day?  Working, Working, Working. I’ve missed my share of holidays, family gatherings, fun outings, parties, and my own birthday because that is a very real part of the entertainment business.

This summer was a little different. I decided to do something very risky – Nothing. Now, that’s not to say I wasn’t working to an extent. I did work on some projects, I did some collaborating with colleagues, and I finally created my voiceover reel with the help of voiceover greats Bev Sheehan and Brian Corrigan, but in terms of my usual GO! GO! GO! pace? Not this time. My focus was not on my career, or work, or anything other than one thing: Live hard.

So, what did I do on this Summer of Self? EVERYTHING I WANTED TO AND MORE! Starting in June I lived almost exclusively for myself! I called it “Pirate Season” and my motto was, “Work like a wench, party like a pirate.” Why pirates? Because pirates live totally in the present and their destination is always adventure. Also, do you not know that pirates are awesome? Seriously? We need to have a conversation.

Batten down the hatches as I get unprofessional for a moment and give a run down of just some of the things I got to experience:

  • Went to the Celtic Fling Festival in PA and gorged myself on Irish music and culture
  • Took classes in Irish Step Dancing
  • Took a pole dancing class
  • Reconnected with old friends in a very deep way.
  • Ate Steak…. so much steak…
  • Played rowdy games in The South Street Seaport
  • Sang Karaoke…sometimes well!
  • Got my first deep tissue massage and it hurt so good!
  • Started writing a book
  • Went with one of my very best friends to Joe’s Crab Shack. Nothing bonds like crab-carnage
  • Saw fireworks explode over a bay from a quiet private dock.
  • WILLINGLY went out into the sun in a bathing suit with friends at a lake…and went in the water (!)
  • Got to see some of my best friends in shows, one of which a friend produced, co-wrote, directed, and acted in herself!
  • Had the best oysters ever…in OHIO! And got to see a brawl in that same pub!
  • Inspired tons of drawings, and paintings as a model for various art groups
  • Saw Lake Champlain for the very first time (No Champ, though)
  • Saw The Dark Knight Rises and had a full-blown geek explosion
  • Attended my first concert in Central Park – A summer’s evening spent listening to Tango Music.
  • Sewed a pirate coat and acted as pirate consultant on SEVERAL pirate costumes for:
  • An incredible day at The New York Renaissance Faire with my dearest friends dressed as the crew of my very own pirate ship! They even called me Captain! ❤
  • Attended the Jazz Age Lawn Party on Governor’s Island for a day of promenading, lemonading, and doing the Charleston with hundreds of like-minded flappers and fellas!
  • Went on a solo cruise to the Caribbean for a whole week and (among other things) visited Blackbeard’s Castle, hiked in the rainforest, swung from a vine in the jungle, drank a coconut, got a tan (!), chatted with the locals of all the different islands, had a monkey crawl on me, got my first real piece of jewelry, and won several trophies and medals onboard the ship for being a complete trivia nerd. Oh, and there was a hammock.

And tons more! There are some pictures below and I’ll be posting more on my fan page as they become available. Some of these events inspired beautiful photo shoots!

With summer coming to a close I feel more motivated to take on all the exciting new projects coming up in the fall (which you will be informed of, fear not!). I would say my experiment in living was a rousing success and I have 100% no regrets. And the best part is: it doesn’t have to end 🙂

If I can give any insight or advice based on my experience it would be that everyone, at LEAST once in their life, should come to a dead stop, look around, and say, “Belay this burdensome toil! A pirate’s life for me! Destination: ADVENTURE!”

Captain’s orders.

Drink up me hearties, yo ho!



I got this one the very first day of my experiment. I got chocolate AND validation. Well done, Dove.

Me with front man Adrian of Tartanic at The Celtic Fling Festival. Next time – matching kilts!

The Dark Knight rose and then I looked like this for about two hours.

We each ate our combined weight in crab. Worth it

Firmly outside my comfort zone.

I wasn’t lying. STEAK

This tree in the rainforest is 400 years old and shows no sign of slowing down.There’s a lesson there.

I found the coconut is just fine without the lime.

Two pirates causing ruckus in the Caribbean.

Ain’t we got fun!

I was robbed of that best supporting actress Oscar. And that upstaging dog didn’t help matters. (Anyone?)

Your real friends are the ones who will stand by you through thick and thin and never question you when you say, “We’re dressing as pirates and here’s your backstory!”



1. Les(Mom) - August 30, 2012

Absolutely wonderful-proud of You. There’s so much in life to live. Live to the Fullest!!

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