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We’ve Got Some Catching Up To Do! February 13, 2012

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Welcome back, true believers! January’s in the can and February is moving along. It’s been really busy and I’m grateful for the extra day we get this year. Let’s go to the instant re-play, shall we?

When we last left our heroine (that’s me!) 2011 was winding down. I finished my second season with The Yuletide Carolers, participated in 5 playreadings for the Forum Reading Series at Playwright’s Theatre, and was asked to sing a BEAUTIFUL Christmas Eve mass at Christ’s Church in Brooklyn including selections from The Messiah (Handel is no joke, you guys).

Once I finished my last gig of the year I was able to take some time off and enjoy the holidays. It reminded me that taking time for yourself is actually a thing. I tend to forget that…a lot! But I highly recommend being nice to yourself and it’s something I plan on doing a lot more this year. Wish me luck!

So that brings us up to the most recent shenanigans. And we all know you read this for the shenanigans.

First of all I’m going to be working with a great company called Aural Stage Studios on a new audio series called, “Dialed In” – I’ll be posting details as we get ready to record but the series will be short audio vignettes, and I’ll be lending my voice to, “Wish You Were Here” …playing Grandma.  This is why I love voice over!

As I was getting back to work I decided to do something different and I signed up for an AMAZING class with Alaine Alldaffer, casting director of Playwright’s Horizons. The level of talent in the class was SO inspiring and really raised the bar for the scene work.  I felt like my batteries were recharged after taking the class and I highly recommend working with Alaine if you get the chance!

Around the middle of January I was honored to be nominated and seated on the Actors’ Equity 2012 Eastern Regional Nominating Committee. For the past few weeks we’ve been interviewing candidates hoping to be nominated to run for Council. Our deliberations will be very soon and I’ve really enjoyed being able to give back to the Union and using my voice as a member!

And as always I’ve been auditioning and getting some great callbacks including Centenary Stage Co. and Metropolitan Playhouse.

So that brings us up to the present. Coming up on the horizon we have playreading BONANZA!  I’ll be doing lots of readings for The Theater Project, and Playwrights Theatre. I’ll be updating my Website with more details, and you can also feel free to follow me on Twitter, or become a fan on Facebook to get updates!

So until next time I’ll leave you with this photo taken backstage during Pushcart’s performance at the APAP showcase in New York City.








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